Taxes are handled by the City Clerk/Treasurer and are paid at the city building at 739 Buttermilk or by mail. You can look up your City Taxes by clicking here.
We accept cash, checks or money orders only.

Tax bills are sent out annually, for the calendar year period, in late August. The due date is September 30th. A 10% penalty and 1% interest per month will be charged for any payment made after this date.

The 2013 real estate tax rate is $.231 for each $100 of valuation assessed January 1, 2013. The tangible property tax rate is $.197 for each $100 of valuation assessed January 1, 2013.

Taxes are used to maintain our city streets and park, police protection services, fire and ambulance services, general administration and debt reduction. Our other sources of revenue are payroll tax, business tax on gross sales, insurance premium tax, and liquor license fees.


Your Kenton County Real Estate Tax bill will be mailed by early October and is due December 31st.  If paid by October 31st you will receive a 2% discount. Go to website with additional questions and to obtain forms such as address changes and Homestead exemption (available to anyone 65 and over on their primary residence)

Businesses should reference the Kenton County website for questions concerning county and city business taxes at County forms and occupational business and tax forms are on the left.


This Month's Events:
4/10 Seniors Meet
4/12 Egg Hunt in Park

/14 Council Meeting
4/18 Offices Closed
4/24 Finance Mtg 4pm
4/24 Business Assn Mtg
4/25 Ice Skating Night
4/28 Caucus Meeting

Next Month's Events:
5/08 Seniors Meet
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5/15 Finance Mtg 4pm
5/15 Business Assn Mtg
5/17 Veterans 5K Run
5/20 Primary Elections
5/26 Memorial Day-offices closed

Community Events:
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Mortgage companies with longer lists: please fax to us the PIDN and name or address and we will provide you the tax amounts.

Click below to look up current tax information, or for further assistance feel free to call 341-3017.