Public Works


Public Works

801 Buttermilk Pike
Crescent Springs, KY 41017
Phone: (859) 344-0797
Fax: (859) 344-0794

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of public buildings and services within the City. Departmental staff performs snow removal, street repair, pothole patching and the maintenance of traffic control systems. The Department also performs ground maintenance, maintains our community park and provides assistance for community events.

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Building and Zoning

The City of Crescent Springs contracts with Planning and Development Services (PDS) for all aspects of building and zoning.  If you need assistance with building or zoning or if you need to report a violation, please contact PDS at 859-331-8980 or visit the PDS homepage.

There is a comprehensive list of FAQ's that may be helpful answering your questions or planning your project. For example, PDS should be able to assist with the following:

- building permits, fence permits
- signage
- zoning permits
- electrical inspections
- building code questions
- zoning violations

The PDS website contains a link to Crescent Springs’ zoning ordinances and PDS’ list of applications. Another link of interest may be their LINK-GIS map viewer, which allows users to create custom maps with the information provided by GIS.

Lienholder Notification

The City of Crescent Springs complies with the system of lienholder notification requirements of KRS 65.8836; As a member jurisdiction of the Kenton County Joint Code Enforcement Board, our lienholder notification systems is administered by Planning and Development Services of Kenton County (PDS). To receive notifications of final orders issued within the City of Crescent Springs, please sign up utilizing the link below.

Snow and Ice Removal

Clean Street Policy:  When winter weather hits Crescent Springs you can count on the Public Works Department’s “Clean Street Policy”.  This policy ensures streets are as safe and clear as possible for those who live, work and travel through the City.  Public Works crews work diligently to first ensure that major thoroughfares, bridges and hills are plowed or salted, followed by residential streets.

Avoid shoveling snow into the street. Shoveling snow from your driveway or a commercial lot into a street that has already been cleared may create safety hazards.  Shoveling snow into a street that has not been cleared could result in snow being pushed back into your driveway or lot by the plow.

When conditions exist that require snow plowing or salting, please move vehicles off the street. This greatly assists crews in their efforts to keep streets safe and clear.

When a snow emergency is declared by the Mayor, it is mandatory that all vehicles be removed from the street (City Ordinance 74.01).  Failing to do so may result in a citation and the vehicle being towed.  Check your local news sources or the City’s social media for snow emergency updates.



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