Council voted to set the tax rates for 2014 as the "compensating rate" for real estate and tangible property. The "compensating rate" is the calculated rate that will give the City approximately the same total revenue as the prior year.
The new rates are:
Real Estate:    .231 per $100 assessed value
Tangible:     .151 per $100 assessed value

Tax bills were mailed the week of August 18 - 22 with a due date of September 30. If you have not received yours, please call the office immediately. Anyone who has sold or bought property since January 1st should check their closing papers to determine who is responsible for the tax bill. The City is not able to determine that, and bills will be sent to the owner of record as of January 1st, as this is the information we receive from the Kenton County PVA.
If your mortgage company pays these please be sure that they are informed, as we do not mail bills directly to them.
QUESTIONS: Call the City Clerk's office at 341-3017

Ft Wright Moms Club Annual Open House

Looking for other moms to hang out with during the day? Join Ft Wright Area Moms Club. Our group is open to any mom who is home with their child(ren) during the day.
We have 1-2 fun activities for you and your child each week. Please join us for our annual open house 10:30 am on October 2nd at the Michael Braeden shelter in Devou Park.
Please contact for more information. 

Attached is our flyer.

Our Adopt A Unit soldiers at Ft. Campbell are being deployed to Afghanistan now.
To read more, CLICK HERE.


There is a free roadside service for highways, parkways and interstates in KY. This is funded by our taxes. They will change your tire, help with a battery, or anything needed for an emergency. They do not want any money at all, not even a tip. Keep this number in your car and you can phone if you need help.           

 1-877-FOR-KYTC       1-877-367-5982


This Month's Events:
9/1 Offices Closed
Council Meeting
9/11 Seniors Meet
9/11 Patriot Day Service
9/18 Finance Mtg 4pm
9/18 Business Assn Mtg
 -- off site--
9/22 Caucus
9/30 Taxes Due

Next Month's Events:
10/09 Seniors Meet
10/13 Council Meeting
10/16 Finance Mtg 4pm
10/25 Halloween in the Park - tentatively 1:00
10/27 Caucus
10/31 Trick or Treat around the City 6 to 8

Community Events:
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Mortgage companies with longer lists: please fax to us the PIDN and name or address and we will provide you the tax amounts.

The link below is not working, for further assistance feel free to call 341-3017. Sorry for the inconvenience