Villa Hills Soccer Club

Registration For Spring Soccer Now Open

Through Jan. 31 at www/

Villa Hills Instructional Baseball League

Sign up now through February 28th

Go to VH's website - Parks and Recreation - for more info

Delinquent City tax bills are now being processed with penalty and interest added to the base charge. Any payments need to include this additional amount. Please call before mailing: All insufficient checks will be returned to you, as we can not accept partial payments.

QUESTIONS: Call the City Clerk's office at 341-3017


There is a free roadside service for highways, parkways and interstates in KY. This is funded by our taxes. They will change your tire, help with a battery, or anything needed for an emergency. They do not want any money at all, not even a tip. Keep this number in your car and you can phone if you need help.           

 1-877-FOR-KYTC       1-877-367-5982


This Month's Events:
12/31 Offices Closed
1/1 Offices Closed
1/8  Seniors Meet
1/12 Council Meeting
1/15 Finance Mtg 4pm
1/26 Caucus

Next Month's Events:
2/9  Council Meeting
2/12 Seniors Meet
2/16 Office Closed
2/19 Finance Mtg 4pm
2/23 Caucus